2021 Senior Show : Me and my cohorts created a show to highlight our individual research projects. We created this show to inform, reform and transform the environment around us. We all shared roles in making this show possible. Although we completed our senior year during a pandemic, we managed to come together (safely) and celebrate everything we learned in the three years of earning our degrees.  
Addison Sherman 
Annie Lefforge 
Austin Woodward 
Britt Sease 
Cece Nguyen 
Chloe Williams 
Christine Foltz 
Ella Mauck 
Emma Sorrells 
Jack Pierce 
Jonny Mocek 
Jordan Davis 
Kat Harris 

Kenzie Klinkhammer 
Lane Kendall 
Lupe Albarran 
Maddie Martin 
Maddy Ward 
Madison Ragan 
Marilena Cenobio 
Molly Leberman 
Natasha Martinez
Regan Lorfing 
Ryan Butcher 
Salma Alonso 
Vivian Floyd 
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