"Human equity is when outcomes are not predictable based on someone’s identities or characteristics (e.g. race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability status, etc.)". We as designers have the power to produce ideas, art, or even acts that can have an impact on many. Designs do not have to be limited to graphic design. We as people have the opportunity to make our voices heard. Human centered design is focused on making better choices for the community and world that might better a problem or issue. We as designers however have to be aware of these changes and needs of the world. We have to learn and go with the flow of issues of the worlds. We can be bigger advocates than we think. We need to "gain tools to dismantle systemic oppression and create a future with equity for all". 
"Design is the intention (and unintentional impact) behind an outcome". This quote really resonated with me. I personally tend to design with a purpose but as I have learned over the years that some of my designs mean more than I had hoped. Through human centered design i have realized how intentional I have become when is comes to research and finding a bigger solutions. I have to keep my mind open for what possibilities lay ahead. I have continued on a path of research with my team about food insecurity and community gardens in Fayetteville, AR. I never understood how big of an issue this was until we dove into out research. My eyes have been opened. I realize how much design is more than aesthetics. It can be change. I want to be a change and voice. I want to find these issues in the world and be an advocate. Media is such a huge impact in our society today. Our world is a scary place with many issues the world turns aways from. I want to have these hard discussions and strive for new solutions. I might single handedly find these solutions but I can be someone who had a say. 
What is so great about Equity-centered design is that it is not linear. There is not one easy step to getting to a solution. It takes hard work, time and dedication. I am just starting my career as a graphic designer.I have a long career in front of me to make a greater impact. There are various perspectives in the world. It is not an easy one two three done. I have to create this space for people to work closely with me and find a way to make the world hear us. Whatever the issue may be there are people out there finding a way for voices that are unheard to shine through. 

Equity Human Centered Design pages 3-12
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