"Uh-huh" a word with such little meaning that can get us through a new age of surfacing data. Many of us walk around in our everyday lives not comprehending a good amount of information thrown at us. We are condition to not be inferior when it comes to knowledge. It is almost as if it shows a sign of weakness and our human nature simply will not allow it. We go through life trying to keep up with as much news, data, and history that we possibly can. It is simply impossible to go through a day a possess knowledge of every aspect of the world. We as designers have to learn how to adapt in an ever changing world. 
I have learned through the past three years in the design program that curiosity and question will on further my knowledge and experience.It is okay to not have to knowledge of everything.I am human. I am not supposed to have knowledge of every little detail in the world. I have learned a lot through trial and error. Many times my peers will discuss a topic and I catch myself responding with a casual "uh-huh". I, as a young adult and designer, am learning as much information and data about the world that I possibly can. I have to reassure myself that my lack of knowledge only opens my imagination and learning experience further. There will be people in my everyday life who posses more knowledge about certain aspects of life but that is okay. This mindset has helped me keep an open mind to many new experiences. As a designer I believe that my entire life I will learn more and more. There will never be a time when learning anything new ceases to exist. As the world changes around me I must adapt. Although I do catch myself using that passive response to new information I don't quite understand, I try to encourage myself to speak up. Ask more questions. "Real Knowledge is to know one's ignorance". 


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